Why Choose Accuracy-Solutions?

High Quality Materials.

Most of our competitors use tool steel in the manufacturing of alignment rods. Tool steel works fine for this purpose but needs to be cared for. Tool steel will rust if left out in the open air especially in humid environments. At Accuracy-Solutions we use stainless steel. Stainless steel will not pit or rust in poor environments. Our competitors that do use stainless steel charge up to three times more than our products depending on caliber.

Attention to Detail.

At Accuracy-Solutions we chamfer and polish the ends of our stainless steel alignment rods. Not only to protect from barrel damage but to assist when inserting the alignment rod into the barrel blindly through the suppressor.

In the last step of our manufacturing process our alignment rods are run through a burnishing machine, this removes any possible marring or sharp spots leaving a very hard silky-smooth finish.

When our rods leave our facility, they are checked for straightness. We verify no more than .001" deviation over the length of the alignment rod. If your alignment rods are damaged in shipment contact us for replacement.

The Best Customer Service on the Block.

At Accuracy-Solutions we realize alignment rods are an investment. We are here for you. If at anytime you have questions about our products, your order or shipping issues contact us for immediate assistance.

Family Owned and Operated.

Accuracy-Solutions LLC is a family owned and operated small business in Bellingham Washington. At Accuracy-Solutions all of our stainless steel bore alignment rods are manufactured in the USA by hand. We strive to provide the highest of quality and accuracy in the manufacturing and shipping of each of our rods.
Thank you for choosing Accuracy-Solutions for your bore alignment needs!